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NFT Success Story

Blaze successfully developed and launched an advanced NFT minting & auction marketplace Disrupt Art based on Flow blockchain. Cadence is the smart contract development language developed by Dapper Labs for Flow blockchain. Flow is a very popular blockchain, Which hosts the famous NBATopShot & CryptoKitties NFT marketplaces. Blaze also integrated Wyre payment gateway, Which powers MetaMask wallet's "Buy Crypto" feature. Moon Pay payment gateway and BLOCTO wallets are also integrated in Disrupt Art platform. PERMA STORE IPFS storage network powers Disrupt Art NFT's longevity. FUSD fungible token / stable crypto currency is the marketplace currency for Disrupt Art.

Planning to develop a new NFT marketplace?

Many NFT marketplaces are emerging to empower digital and traditional artists thru blockchain. Blaze is specialized in developing customized NFT marketplace smart contract platform with your own rules for auctions, minting, listing, royalties and fees. Currently NFT marketplaces are being built on Flow blockchain or Ethereum blockchain native or layer2 networks. Blaze can help you choose the right blockchain for your marketplace and develop in secure standards of NFT industry.

Why Blaze?
  • Proven & Skillfull team that development & launched NFT marketplaces already
  • Has deep knowledge in NFT industry standards & technologies.
  • Tailor made solution & smart contract development for your business model

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