BlazeWS offers a transparent BASC (Blockchain Adaptability Study & Consulting) service for your Blockchain implementation project. You can consider it as a second-opinion before pouring in 100s of thousands of dollars in blockchain implementation in your IT infrastructure.

Our Blockchain Adaptability Study & Consulting involves technical feasibility, technical usability, measurable business advantage, competitive advantage, human resource adaptability of system, measurable solutions for existing business problems, operation improvement study, cost analysis, tech stack selection, blockchain selection & more.

Blockchain is not a buzz word or a wizard to solve all of your technical challenges. Few blockchain implementation projects only gets succeed. Because they have a strong tech advisory team from blockchain expertise who can perform due-diligence and provide transparent technical advice and consulting.

Regardless of your choice of in-house developers at your company or you hire any non-BlazeWS IT firm., We are glad to provide you a transparent and best blockchain consulting for your company.

ERC20 Smart Contracts

Satellite but powerful usecase of blokchain is Smart Contracts. Very first and successful blockchain smart contracts are ERC standards from Ethereum blockchain. Blaze has expertise in multiple kinds of smart contract development and deployment.

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Microsoft Dynamics AX

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IBM Hyperledger Fabric

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