Blaze have successfully developed & deployed ERP / CRM systems for multi-national / multi continent enterprise businesses. Various industries require various customizations and features in their ERP – CRM systems. Blaze actively improves the systems with modern technical and industry features. Blaze explores every building block of your existing / new ERP – CRM system., To implement business automation possibilities, data analytics, custom reporting, access control features to ensure your business leverages the maximum out of the systems.

BI & Business Dashboards

Business Intelligence, Big Data Analytics, Business Dashboards are required for every business from day 1 of its operation. Performance of your Sales, Operations, Production, Delivery, Budget, R&D, Marketing, Customer Support to reach new peaks with insightful data. Blaze will work with your various team of people to identify their need of “insightful information” and implement various BI solutions to present information in 360 degree.

Legacy System Migrations

Migrating your legacy systems not only improves the overall performance of business & human resources. It also prevents wide array of security & system failure risks. Blaze can perform parallel development to build a modern application that mirrors your legacy system and perform a carefully fall-back planned migration from legacy to modern system with all – new features without compromising the existing business logics and operational work flows.

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